Friday, June 3, 2016

Hey Girl....

So Ryan Gosling thinks women are better, stronger and more evolved. Ok.
My thoughts on this are's not about being better or stronger or more evolved. Women were made to be Man's helper. His counterpart. His partner. His equal. There are things that women are inherently BETTER at....yes. Childbirth for one....there's a reason Men are not bearing children. We have our strengths and I have NO doubt that women can do anything they put their minds to. But to say that women are more evolved and better is a little ridiculous. If women are so much better, then why aren't we ALL women? I have my moments when I think I'm better at something or stronger than someone or smarter.....but in no way shape or form do I believe that women as a whole are superior to their male counterparts. I don't want my daughter growing up thinking she's better just because she's a female. I don't want my son growing up thinking he's inferior because he's male. I want them to grow and learn and prove themselves the way God intended. I want my daughter to work hard and be amazing and find an amazing counterpart to spend her life with. Someone that complaints her in every way, not someone who thinks she's better and he's not worthy.
Let's take a break to go read the book of Genesis for a moment....

Here's the link to the orig. story if you want to read it:
Ryan Gosling Thinks Women Are Better

to the uncle....

Thank you for loving my littles the way you do.
You don't have to. After all, they aren't your blood niece and nephew. Your dad married my husband's mom when you were yeah, you're brothers....but you don't HAVE to love them and you do. YOU DO. And you love them so hard.
Every holiday, birthday, family outing; you are there with some goodie for them, a big hug and a smile. They adore you. "UH OH Jarod" as they used to call you. Their uncle. The only real uncle (or aunt!) to really love them unconditionally. Not that they don't have other aunts or uncles...on the contrary, they DO! But they either don't show up, care or make an effort.
You know them better than most. You know that the girl nephew (as you call her) loves My Little Pony, Play Doh and tu-tu's.....and you know the boy nephew loves Star Wars. You let them climb all over you and you giggle with them. I am in complete awe of your love for them. Thank you. Thank you for not just sending them a little trinket or gift and calling it good. Thank you for wanting to be in their lives, wanting to be PRESENT. You are making memories with them that will last a lifetime. And when they look back at their childhood, you will be there, vividly.
Thank you for doing something that might seem so means the WORLD to your brother and me. And it means the world to your boy and girl nephew. We love you!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My BFF, you're almost 2

Hartley, my sweet girl. Someday you won't cling to my leg when I try to leave for work. Someday you won't SCREAM at the top of your lungs from your crib for me in the middle of the night, just to snuggle me and give me smoochies. Someday you won't reach instantly for me if you get a boo-boo or feel scared. And that's fine. But I'm relishing in those sweet moments now, as much as I can. Even if sometimes I want to be FREE of a child clinging to me or only wanting ME. (I mean, seriously. You have a very loving a sweet daddy too, who I KNOW would LOVE to snuggle you and kiss your owies.)
There are times, like today, when I'm trying to get ready for work and you climb into the shower with me with all your clothes on or with a stinky poopy diaper on and you make more work for me than I have time for. But you just want to be close to me. "Hold you, Mama." You want to put on makeup just like me....and then I find the brush in the toilet wadded up in a whole roll of toilet paper. The last roll of toilet paper in the house. But you just want to be like me. "More Lippy, Mama." I make you the SAME breakfast that I'm eating, but you refuse to eat yours and only want whats on my fork. You just want what I'm having. "Share Num-Num, Mama."
When I get home from work you're right there to welcome me. You want me to instantly throw my bags down, even if there's groceries that could break, and you want me to hold you because you missed me all those (6) hours that I was gone. You grab my face in your hands and give me wet smoochies and you want to wear my necklaces.
You'll be 2 in 2 weeks from today. I forget that you're not the same age as your brother. I forget that you're my tiny little baby, not a teenager (because sometimes your attitude makes me think the latter). The years will fly by. You'll be starting school before I know it and having a crush on the neighbor boy (sorry Landon, it's destiny!) and you'll be asking for my car keys and your dad's credit card and you'll be off to college. You won't be reaching your chubby little arms out to me to hug and give smoochies. You'll be grown. But you'll always be my BFF. Since the moment I knew I was having a daughter, I prayed that our bond would be strong. That we would ALWAYS love each other and be close. That you would come to me for advice and love and to just talk. And secretly I knew you'd have a better wardrobe than me that I can borrow from eventually.
But for now, you're almost TWO. And I will drop everything when I get home from work today and I will hold you as long as you want. And you can have the last bite of eggs in the morning, like always. And tonight when you scream for me to come rescue you from your crib, I'll happily go. Because that's what BFF's are for.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Jax is three now. And with that amazing age comes a LOT of changes.
He's finding his voice. And it's loud. (His sister is attempting to overshadow his voice with it's extra loud these days.)
He is much more moody. One minute he's a sweet little man, holding my hand, saying "I love you mama!" and the next minute he's throwing a fit because his chicken nuggets aren't cut small enough or he ran out of dip for them. OY VEY.
He's sleeping differently. He's started to wake up at 5 am and asking to be rocked back to sleep. Of course, he only wants mama to rock him....even though his dad is just as good at rocking. It's always mama. Always.
He's eating more. Like seriously eating a TON. This is a glimpse into his teen years and I think I'll start searching for that second job to fund his eating habits. He can seriously scarf that food down.
He's very particular with what he wears. Even PJ's. He will prefer a certain shirt over another that looks almost identical. He will prefer jeans over other pants. If he could, he'd wear shorts every day. Or better yet, he'd run around naked with his rain boots on all day, every day.
He's peeing. On everything. Particularly the trees in the backyard. I hope they don't die like they do when our dog pees on them....
He's more OCD than ever. Things have their place. Things belong in their appropriate place. Things that are out of their place will cause a freak out tantrum until they are placed back in their rightful place.
His sister annoys him. All. The. Time. They are buddies and they love each other but he gets so annoyed with her. Even just her LOOKING at him will send him over the edge.
He is aggressive at times....and for no reason. He will push his sister over, run right into her, throw something at her or the dogs...just because. I hope this one stops sooner than the other stuff. I hate seeing him be mean for no reason when I KNOW he's a sweet little guy.

I know 3 is a huge milestone for kids. They are changing, growing, learning, becoming little people. I hope that this year is easy on us because I have an almost 2 year old who is  not far behind her brother in almost every one of these things. Lord help me! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

me & you

After spending my birthday evening with a sweet friend of mine, sipping wine and watching my darling husband wrangle both her and my kids in the backyard, I realized something. What I wish for, someone else wishes they didn't have. What I wish would change, someone is wishing for it to happen.
As alike as my friend and I are...we are so very different. All my friends are very different, that is why I love them so much. Fiery, spunky, shy, outspoken, stay at home mamas, working mamas, mamas of 4, mamas of one, mamas of fur-babies....we're all different and we all give something very special to our friendships with each other.
My kids are a bit crazy. They are dare devils. They refuse to eat veggies. They LOVE chicken nuggets and hummus. They LOVE their highchairs. They like to sleep in their own beds. They refused to take a pacifier. I could go on and on with their quirks and uniquenesses. But what I've come to realize is this:
Someone is wishing they could wean their 3 year old while you're wishing you could have nursed past 5 months.
Someone is wishing their child was more independent while you're wishing your overly independent child would want you once in a while.
Someone is wishing their clingy child would let them have a moment alone while you're wishing your squirmy toddler would sit still and snuggle for 5 minutes.
Someone is wishing their child could break the binky while you wish your child would take something, ANYTHING to soothe themselves.
Someone is wishing their child would eat ONE BITE OF MEAT while you wish your child would eat something OTHER THAN CHICKEN NUGGETS.
Someone is wishing their child would just let them wear them in that spiffy new Ergo she bought while you're wishing your child would let you put them down for once.
Someone is wishing their child would learn to love their own bed while you're wishing your child would climb into bed with you.
Someone is wishing their child was healthy while you take for granted that your child has nothing majorly wrong with them.
Someone is wishing for another child while you complain to them about how hard it is wrangling two crazy toddlers some days.
Someone is YEARNING to get pregnant while you confess that you're SO HAPPY you don't ever have to be pregnant again.
Someone is wishing someone would volunteer to watch their child once in a while so they could run errands alone or have a *GASP* date night while you boast about how your in laws and your parents watch your kids all the time for you.
Someone is wishing they could squeeze in a tiny workout while you complain about how you missed your daily double workout this week because of work/kids/etc.
Someone is wanting to GAIN weight while you're wanting to LOSE weight.
Someone is praying for Mr. Right to come into their lives while you're doing life with your Mr. Right every day.
Someone is hoping, praying, wishing that they could have what you have.
Stop. Listen. HUG A FRIEND. Just take a moment to HEAR what your friends say. I'm guilty of this just as much as anyone else. I have to be very careful when I vent to my girlfriends because, even though they understand, I don't want what I say to hurt them. We are all so different and we have different wants and needs. We all have trials. We all have triumphs. Lets celebrate each other and lift each other UP....but be mindful of what we are saying as well. Hugs to all my lovely girlfriends! I Cherish you ALL! :)

Friday, April 3, 2015


For Christmas my husband got us a Groupon for an unlimited month at a local CrossFit gym. He picked this particular one because they have a designated time that daycare is provided. YAY!! We finally got around to starting it at the end of last month. And although we've only been going for a week and a half, we're HOOKED. The CF community at this gym is probably the #1 reason. They are amazing!! They are so incredibly kind, supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging. While my husband and I are both athletes naturally, we haven't been in the gym in a LONG time and are a bit out of shape. But they staff and all the other participants cheer you on, encourage you, help's just a really NICE environment to have your BUTT KICKED. My kids love it there too.
Another great part....I love how I'm feeling. Yes, I am DEAD after an hour of intense workout and I haven't lifted weights in YEARS, but afterwards I feel so in tune with my body, my mind is clear and I can focus so much better than a few weeks ago. I no longer feel sluggish!! I LOVE IT!! I know that long after my WOD is done, my body is burning calories and changing....even if the physical progress is a few weeks away, I can FEEL it.
If you mix a good WOD 3 times a week with Shakeology, clean eating and LOTS of have a GREAT combo!! After having two c-sections 15 months apart, my body has gone through the ringer and now I can feel it getting back to normal. I can actually SEE abs where once there was only "FLABS" as I like to call them. If you haven't tried CrossFit and want to....DO!! Don't be scared! It may look scary at first, but you'll be welcomed into open arms wherever you go, it's the CF way!!!

A GREAT read for anyone thinking about starting CF:

If you want to learn more about ShakeO or Beachboy:


Saturday, March 21, 2015

give thanks

In my hectic daily routine there is little time to have quiet time, let alone be still. From the moment my eyes open in the morning and I hear, "Dood Morning Mama! Go downstairs wit me?" until I finally am able to lay those sweet sleepy babies in their beds at night, after countless songs, stories and "two more minutes" of rocking, I am on the go. GO GO GO. My mom says that I'm Super Woman and doesn't know how I manage it day in and day out. Well, I know how I manage it....the Grace of God. I know that alone, I don't have the strength, sanity or sense to take care of my two stubborn, sassy, toddlers. God has given me a hard working man to stand beside me and parent with me. He has given me a set of AMAZING parents who help as much as they can and my mother in law is pretty spectacular too, coming to grab the kids for an overnight to give us a break every once in a while. I have a great team on my side...that's how I do it. But I still need to FIND time to get away, breathe, be still, think, PRAY. How awful is it that I have to remind myself to THANK GOD for the blessings that he's given me!? I'll admit that some days are so great and lovely and everything is flowing just right that I think often, "Wow, God, thank you for everything you've given us. We are SO blessed to have what we do and be where we are! Thank you!" But then again those days are few and far between so I need to actively set aside time to PRAY and thank God for giving me the amazing life that I have.
I see post after post on Facebook and IG about sweet, innocent babies being diagnosed with cancer. Mama's losing their little babies to sickness or tragedy. Babies losing their parents to thoughtless acts of violence. Families breaking up, being torn apart by lies and deceit. Women yearning for the chance to hold their very own squishy little munchkin but year after year they are unable to get pregnant. It makes my heart hurt and makes my stomach sick. I have been given SO much. My children are healthy. Crazy, but VERY healthy. My husband has a great job and is more in love with me now than ever. I'm healthy, which hasn't always been the case. We have a gorgeous house. We have a fridge full of food. A bank with some cash in it. We have clothes on our backs and filling our closets. We have love and happiness and we don't really worry about much. We are so incredibly thankful for the things that God has given us. I know that our life hasn't always been easy and rainbows and butterflies, but even then, we didn't stop thanking God for his blessings. Learning to give thanks even when things aren't peachy is so hard. When you're out of a job and looking for a new one with no luck, that's rough. But be thankful anyways. When you don't know when you're going to be able to fill your car up with gas again because your money went to a bill that needed to be thankful anyways. When you can't seem to find a decent guy to so very thankful!! God is leading you on the path that is predestined for YOU! Don't settle. Don't jump the gun and make a rash decision. Be thankful that you're path is determined. The road you're walking on, you're not on it alone.
Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
Take a look around your life today. What things are you thankful for? What hard trials and stresses can you still be thankful for even though it's hard? Take time and be still. Pray. Think. Meditate. Breathe. Be thankful, always.